Gunslinger's Pub

Bar counter
Wine cellar
Go outside
Machinery room



Welcome to the Gunslinger's Pub! A place where a person like you can rest, make a deal and have fun being safe from dangers of the outside world. They say that the Pub was founded by the legendary Gunslinger, but no one has seen him for years. In his absence, the Bartender runs the place.
It's a special kind of a place for a special kind of folk. One can rarely meet a regular peasant here. But if you are some kind of a brave adventurer, that's the place to go. Explorers, mercenaries and merchants are welcome!

The Bartender is busy in the kitchen. You can call for him if you want to.
You look around and notice that the room is almost empty. Just a few visitors sit at the corner table.
The Pianist is playing a piece that sounds somehow familiar to you.
You notice a dirty drunkard sitting on the floor.

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